The University of Texas Medical Branch Acquisition Specialist - PBL 19 hours or less ( Non Benefitted ) in Webster, Texas

Min Qualifications

Bachelor's degree or equivalent in related field; 2 years related experience. APP, CPPB or CTP certification within 18 months of appointment in title.

Job Description To provide professional advisory, technical, and administrative skills necessary to support the acquisition function within the logistics process.

Specific Job Related Duties

  • Assists Customers in procurementplanning andproject coordinationbyprovidingbudgetary/costanalysis, sourcing, technical&commercial recommendations,definingproject scope andrequirements, scheduling andrisk/benefitanalysisinformation.

  • Activelyengages insupplier sourcing and development activities including outreachtoHistoricallyUnderutilizedBusinesses.

  • Prepares general bid/proposaldocuments includingthe developmentofappropriatespecifications/requirements,evaluation&selectioncriteriaand process, commercialandlegal terms,andbidders list.

  • Coordinates andleadsthe bid/proposal evaluation processandprepares awardrecommendationfor basic contracts.

  • Coordinates and assists inleadingthe purchase andcontractnegotiationsdevelopingappropriatestrategiesand tactics to minimizeinstitutional risksand achievebestvalue.

  • Preparespurchaseorder/contract documentsinaccordancewithapprovedtemplates/formatsand ensures inclusion of all appropriate terms, conditionsandrequirements.

  • Provides informationto Customer toensureCustomers' understanding ofpurchaseorder/contract requirements and obligations including Customer's responsibility, ifapplicable,for contractmanagementand managing supplier performance.

  • Responsibleforproviding clarificationof purchaseorder/ contract terms andrequirementsand/or identificationof discrepancies andnegotiationandresolutionofdisputes.

  • Issuespurchaseorderreleasesand/or contract amendmentsconsistent withtherequirementsof the agreement.

  • Monitors supplier and/or customerperformance, asapplicable, regarding compliancewithcontract requirementsand Purchasing' policies and procedures.

  • Provides recommendations and/or preparesappropriate documentsfor contractrenewals, extensions,modificationsandtermination incoordination withCustomer andPurchasing Management.

  • Ensuresthat all procurementdocuments (i.e.,bids/proposals, correspondence,purchaseorders, amendments, etc.) arecompleteand properlyorganized,filed,recorded, storedand archivedinaccordancewithapplicable policiesand procedures.

  • Assists inanalyzingmarket trendsand evaluatespotential sourcesofsupply; Forecastsand analyzes customer ordering habits/trends todeterminecost savingandcontractopportunities.

  • Coordinates compliancewithall applicableUTMB,State,and Federal rules andregulations.

  • Develops astrong partnershipwithcustomers toproactivelyunderstand their orderinghabitsand trends toassist withtheir needs.

  • Processes customer requisitionsfor routine purchase requirements.

  • Serves as liaison betweenvendors, theinstitution,anddepartments.

  • Handles routineinquiries regardingthe processand basicpurchasing policies andprocedures.

  • Correspondswithparties involvedtoassurethatorders, shipping, anddeliveries aretimelyandinorder.

  • Works closelywithcustomers inproblemresolutionandconsults withcustomers onproblemprevention.

  • Maintains &reports service/process area outcomes.

  • Coordinates and/or assists inthedevelopment of service/process areapoliciesandprocedures.

  • Adheres to internal controls andreporting structure._ _

  • Performsrelatedduties as required.



Preferred Skill/Competency

_ _

  • Demonstratesgood negotiationskills andunderstanding ofnegotiationstrategies andtactics.

  • Demonstrate theability toread, interpretand applylegal theoriesandconceptstodevelopand negotiate purchaseorder/contract termsandconditions to minimizeinstitutional risk.

  • Good technical writingskills andabilitytowritespecifications.

  • Good organizational andprojectmanagement skills.

  • Demonstratestheabilitytoproactivelyassist customers withtheir immediate andlongterm needs.

  • Working knowledgeof theUniformCommercial Code andspecial terms andconditionsoftheState of Texas.

  • Basic accounting skills.

  • Abilitytoanalyzedata.

  • Working knowledgeof current purchasing on-linesystem(e.g., Oracle/Peoplesoft).

  • Demonstratesgoodcustomer service skills.

  • Good verbal andwrittencommunications skills including theabilitytoplan, organize,andlead meetings or conduct presentations.

  • Detail oriented.

  • Good overall knowledgeof the acquisition process, policies, andprocedures.

  • Good mathematics skills.

  • Good problemresolutionskills.

  • Abilitytowork inateambased environmentcontributing ideas,participating inteamdecisions,andachieving teamoutcomes.

_ _

Closing Statement


Equal Employment Opportunity

UTMB Health strives to provide equal opportunity employment without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, genetic information or veteran status. As a VEVRAA Federal Contractor, UTMB Health takes affirmative action to hire and advance women, minorities, protected veterans and individuals with disabilities.

Full/Part Time: Casual (<=19.99, no schedule)

Regular/Temporary: Regular

Job Title: Acquisition Specialist - PBL 19 hours or less ( Non Benefitted )

Job ID: 55742

Location: Webster

Business Unit: FACSV