The University of Texas Medical Branch Sr. Materials Handling Tech in Galveston, Texas

Min Qualifications

High School Diploma or equivalent and two years of related experience. Valid Texas Drivers License . Must obtain within 6 months of hire: Forklift Certification (except for Mail Services) and Motor Vehicle Safety Course (except for Mail Services). Must be capable of demonstrating the ability to perform the essential functions of the job in a post-offer employment test as administered by UTMB Rehab Services. This job requires the ability to lift up to 100 lbs. floor to knuckle and 50 lbs. knuckle to shoulder and requires frequent bending, standing and walking.


Responsible for the daily operations of the inventory, delivery, receiving, and/or mail services areas and occasionally take a tactical lead role to ensure effective supply chain management of designated inventories, materials, equipment, mail and services required.

Salary Range

From $27,760 To $34,700 Annually

Specific Job Related Duties

All areas:

  • Troubleshootsandresolves,orreferstotheappropriatearea,customerissuesandproblems.Handlescustomerinquiriesbytakingpersonalresponsibilitytoensurecustomerinquiries/issuesareresolved.Performsnecessaryresearchandproblemsolvingwiththecustomerfollows-uponmorecomplexissues.

  • Assists or takes theleadin trainingnewemployees.

  • Takestheinitiativetotroubleshootprocessrelatedproblemsandidentifiespossiblesolutions.Troubleshootsminorequipmentproblemsinordertopreventdowntime.Coordinatesoperationalconcernsbycommunicatingobservationsregardingresource,staffingor equipment concerns.

  • Takesthetacticalleadintheabsenceoftheteamcaptaintoensuretheworkisdoneandthecustomers’needsaremet.Assessesresourceandworkflowpatternstodetermineanyneededchangesinworkassignmentstoensuretimelinesaremetandworkiscompletedaccuratelyandefficiently.

  • Developsandmaintainseffectivepartnershipswithinternalandexternalcustomerstoproactivelyunderstandthecustomer’s requirements and assists withtheir needs.

  • Assists withprocess benchmarking andinitiates process/environmental improvements.

  • Maintainsaclean,neat,organized,andorderlyworkenvironmentinamannerthatishighlyprofessional at all times and inaccordance withall UTMB, state and federal guidelines.

  • Maintainsvehicleusagelog,inspectsconditionoftires;checksoil,topsoffthefuelonceperweek.Maintains vehiclecleanliness insideandout,andreports anyneeded maintenance

  • Utilizes emailand Internetfor work relatedcommunications.

  • Assistswiththefacilitationofstaff,selfdevelopmentandtrainingensuringassignedstaffmembersandselfareuptodateonproperuseofcomputerbasedsystems,properuseofequipment,all requiredUTMBclasses andstaying current on fieldof expertise.


  • Provides a high level of technical and/or process expertise, for example, legally qualified to drive a commercial vehicle and knowledge of all delivery routes.
  • Assists with coordinating process activities and assigned staff members in direct areas of responsibility.
  • Assists with managing Cylinder and Distribution operations to maximize cost effectiveness and customer satisfaction to meet UTMB fiscal and institutional performance objectives.
  • Coordinates between multiple work teams to meet outcomes beneficial to the customer needs.
  • Proactively resolves customer issues by going beyondthe request and understandthe need.
  • Assist with the modification of delivery routes as appropriate.
  • Reviews discrepancies and takes appropriate corrective action as required.
  • Operates vehicles requiring Commercial Drivers License.
  • Operate standard materials handling equipment and vehicles.
  • Fills a variety of cryogenic liquid containers/tanks with liquid nitrogen and liquid oxygen.
  • Utilizes on-line system(s) in the receipt, delivery, and tracking of materials, records, and/or equipment.
  • Performs a variety of the following functions in the handling of consumable goods, records, and equipment:
  • Manifests their delivery routes
  • Stages items for delivery into the appropriate route
  • Prepares deliveries for transport
  • Delivers merchandise to the customer
  • Picks up surplus equipment for the surplus warehouse and items for shipping


Closing Statement


Equal Employment Opportunity

UTMB Health strives to provide equal opportunity employment without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, genetic information or veteran status. As a VEVRAA Federal Contractor, UTMB Health takes affirmative action to hire and advance women, minorities, protected veterans and individuals with disabilities.

Full/Part Time: Full-Time

Regular/Temporary: Regular

Job Title: Sr. Materials Handling Tech

Job ID: 56207

Location: Galveston

Business Unit: FACSV